Why Frown Upon Women Dating Younger Men?

downloadThe past few years have witnessed a major increase in older women wanting to date younger men. Whether the term cougar does justice to women looking to date younger men half their age is something debatable. As per one urban legend, there is also a mathematical formula of “half your age + seven.”

Cougar is the term used for a woman who is around 35 years or older and is dating a man who is 8 to 10 years younger than her. There is no reason why such women need to be given this kind of labelling. What’s wrong in getting into a romantic relationship with someone who is younger than you? When it is all right for older men to date younger women, why isn’t it considered normal when it’s the other way round. Isn’t it a sort of double standard?

You’ll be surprised to know that as many as 34% of women who are 40 years or older are actively dating younger men. This is as per a survey carried out in the year 2003. Imagine where things must stand today, 11 years later.

I have dated several men who were younger than me by anywhere from 5 to 15 years. They gave me some of the best times both in terms of my social life as well as bedroom life. Majority of you who are reading this article live in a free world. Then why should there be any restrictions on one’s preferences when it comes to dating?!

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