The Sportsheet Sheet Cuff and Pad Set Review

81j5YuBCLYL._SX522_My boyfriend and I are really in to bondage. Neither of us likes to be spanked or punished during sex but we both really enjoy being tied up! The Sportsheet Sheet Cuff and Pad Set is perfect for our bondage sessions.

You can order the fitted sheet in the same size as your bed; we ordered medium. We have a pillow top mattress and the sheet fits securely. We can roll around on the bed all night and it never moves!

The sheet is Velcro {click here} comes with four limb cuffs and four anchor pads. We’ve had Velcro restraints in the past that didn’t work very well; my boyfriend and I are both pretty strong men and Velcro tends to release when we pull against it. This isn’t the case with the Sportsheet Set.

The Velcro is specially made and requires a certain peeling motion to release from the base. We’ve used this set countless times and neither of us has ever broken the restraints. The anchor pads can be set on any part of the sheet so the possibilities for positions are endless. The neoprene cuffs are comfortable and don’t cause chafing like leather and nylon restraints. If you want to keep your Velcro base sheet on your bed all the time so you can use it whenever the mood strikes you it can easily be hidden by the rest of your bedding. No need to explain yourself when guests come over and end up in your bedroom. have a great selection of toys for couples.

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