How to choose a lubricant

423735275_oIs there a difference between a cheap lube and a more expensive lube? Isn’t lube just lube – buy the cheapest possible, and move on? The truth is that not all lubes are created equal, when shopping for lube you need to arm yourself with knowledge so that you can then make an informed choice on what is best for you!
With endless choices of lubes on the market, it can be quite overwhelming when choosing a lube. Lubes are sold for many reasons, you have lubes that help with vaginal dryness and make sex more comfortable and you have lubes that intensify the pleasure by being made with ingredients that warm and stimulate.

Generally lube makes sex more comfortable, helps make it last longer, makes it more pleasurable and can even make it more safer (lubes reduce the chances of a condom breaking or the skin becoming scratched during sex.

Bottom line is that lubes are an essential when it comes to sex and playing with sex toys.

Types of Lubricants
There are two basic types of personal lubricants; they are water based and silicone based. Actually make it three as there are a few oil-based lubes out there.

  1. Water-based lubes are usually cheaper than silicone, and they are less likely to stain fabrics, including your sheets. You can buy water-based lubes in warming varieties and come in various flavoured options. The downside of water lubes is that they dry up quickly – so you have to reapply often.
  2. Silicone lubes are more enduring as they don’t contain water – this means they never evaporate or dry up. Silicone lubes are more expensive than water-based, however a ‘little bit’ goes a long way, so in the long run they probably end up costing the same as a water-based formulation.

Finding the Best Lube

When choosing a lubricant, you need to consider how you will be using it. If you don’t want to stain your bed sheets then water-based is a great option, alternatively if you are planning some sexy time in the hot tub then you would be better off with a silicone based lube.

A thicker lube is usually recommended for use with adult toys and anal penetration. For vaginal sex, it really comes down to personal preference, however women prone to yeast infections should lean towards a lube that is free from glycerine, which is an ingredient in most (but not all) water-based lubes.

When using lube on your sex toy make sure you read the recommendations first, as with silicone toys you cannot use a silicone lube, as it will result in the toys surface to become squishy and soft.

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