My Latest Purchase – Vibrating Nipple Suckers!

PD3223-00-1I recently bought some fun adult toys from our local sex shop – we buy online to save a few dollars, and delivery is always fast anyway! My boyfriend and I are always looking for unique sex toys to add to our collection. When I saw the Fetish Fantasy Vibrating Triple Super Suck Hers at our favourite local adult toy store ( I knew we had to have them for our bedroom. I’d never used any type of suction toy on my nipples or clit, so I was excited to get the toy home and give it a burl solo before my boyfriend came home from work.

I stripped down on my bed, turned on the three individual vibrators and attempted to suction each cup to my nipples and clit. After spending fifteen minutes trying to attach the suction cups to myself I decided this wasn’t something I was going to be able to do alone; each cup has to be held in place while you squeeze the suction ball. I was disappointed but determined to try it again when my boyfriend came home.

When he arrived I showed him our new toy and he quickly pulled me into our bedroom. As I had suspected the Triple Super Suck Hers (view the toy here) was much easier to put on with an extra set of hands. I could feel the blood rush to my nipples and clit as soon as my boyfriend pumped the suction ball. As they swelled they became more sensitive and the vibrations from the bullets became even more intense. The clit cup is small enough that we were able to have intercourse as the cups sucked and vibrated away!

Thanks for the fast delivery and always fun times!

Be safe, buy non-toxic! –

If in doubt ask MIT –

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