Tips For Saving On Your Utility Bills! Put Some Cash Back In Your Pocket!

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Get in on some great tips for saving on your utility bills!

saving on your utility bills

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After owning a home for a little over 4 years, and living in apartments for about ten years prior, I’ve learned some really good ways to keep my electric, gas, and water bills lower.  I didn’t have the water bill while I lived in apartments, but I sure have one now!

Saving On Your Utility Bills – Gas And Electric

The gas isn’t something that you can just turn off and on whenever you’re done using it, especially when it’s connected behind a stove.  It’s connected to a line that’s tightened so that when you need to use the appliance or furnace attached, it’s available.  When it comes to using our gas stove, I try not to bake too often as a good amount of gas is used to heat the temperature to the one you specify.  The upside to having a gas stove is that you can leave the door open (as long as little ones or animals aren’t around) and let some free heat in the house.  However, if you have a gas furnace, there is a way to adjust the setting to a medium or low level so that your gas usage is lowered.  And you can set the thermostat lower so that the heat kicks in less frequently.

With electric appliances and lights, it’s a little bit easier to lessen the amount of electricity you use.  Just having appliances plugged in all day can use a small amount of electricity every day, but having multiple appliances plugged in all day can add up.  Unplugging these when you’re not using them can save on electricity.  With electric washers and dryers, washing and drying larger loads can help with less electricity usage, especially if you can hang up your laundry to dry instead of using the dryer.  If your electric bill still does not lessen after trying to unplug items, you can contact your local electric company to see if they have a budget plan.  We have a budget plan with our service, and the amount changes every six months to a year depending on our usage.


If you live in an apartment, and you don’t pay for water, you’re already saving money.  I can admit that on average, our quarterly water bill is $140 – $170, and we only have two people in our house.  Leaky faucets can be one cause of water wasting.  We had a leaky faucet for a while, and it would leak about a gallon per day.  Fixing those leaks can start to help you save.  If you wash larger laundry loads, you can save money on water as well.  A washer uses the same amount of water no matter how large or small the load, so filling it to the top is a safe bet to use less water.  I’ve even used a color safe bleach so that I can combine colors and whites without issue.  You’ve probably hear it time and time again, but even turning the water off while brushing your teeth can really save water as well.

I hope some of these tips can help you to save money on your utilities.  I had a request from a viewer to share my thoughts on the subject, so I hope I have helped that viewer as well!  If you have additional tips regarding saving on your utility bills, please feel free to leave a comment!


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19 Responses

  1. Shauna says:

    Great tips… my little ones constantly leave water running or dripping…

  2. Wendy g says:

    Water is our big expense, I do a lot of laundry. We recently got a he washer and it helps with water bill. Summer I use fans and opens windows if it’s not to hot. We turn all lights off until nite time.

  3. Marthalynn says:

    I love these tips! Even though we already know most of them, it’s such a valuable reminder. Every little bit helps. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this!

  4. patrick Huff says:

    I do remember saving so much in an apartment. I should unplug my excess appliances.

  5. Susan Cooper says:

    These are some great tips as to saving money with heating and water. I too try to limit the baking I do and when necessary utilize the extra heat the oven is generating.

    Susan Cooper BHB :-)

  6. We have been on a program with the Electric & Gas Co. Last year we got a rebate check back from both totaling close to $400

  7. Colleen Boudreau says:

    Very helpful tips, thanks. :)

  8. Fidza Hamdan says:

    Thanks for the great tips. We have been practicing the unplugged the unused electricity and save $$$ there :)

  9. Leah CB says:

    Really great tips. I wish I didn’t bake so much! I also wish that I could use solar power & go off the grid! I hate my gas/electric company. Every month I feel like they are robbing me.On the upside my kids do turn off the water when they brush their teeth! My washer is always filled to capacity & I try to wash with cold water most of the time.

  10. tami s says:

    I do all of these except unplug- I always forget. I have to get better at that

  11. Gina Brickell says:

    My biggest tips are these: Always hang your clothes to dry when you can. Not using your dryer saves SOOOO much money on your monthly bill. The other thing is like you said, not using your stove/oven as much. Try using a slow cooker to make your daily meals..

  12. Trish F says:

    I have a private well and never realized how expensive water is. I’m glad I don’t have town water.

  13. Holly Trudeau says:

    Great tips, my husband never turns the shower off all the way in the morning so it drips all day, which is not only annoying but costs us $! So I’ve started leaving post its to remind him to turn it all the way off! Hey a penny saved is a penny earned! :)

  14. Sherry says:

    Thanks so much for these tips! I always forget how much electricity just having appliances plugged in actually uses until I get that monthly bill!

  15. Meghan Duce says:

    I will try the unplugging. You didn’t say anything about lights being turned on/off. My hubby is always turning lights off on me but I think one big light in each room rather than having 6 lamps on to light up each room would be cheaper. We also found out using electric fireplaces vs gas heaters are more expensive because it gets too cold in Wisonsin. It’s below zero today!

  16. StephanieR says:

    Love the tips. We are always trying to find ways to cut cost.

  17. It’s so hard sometimes to cut corners and save but it’s so true that the simple things can save a bundle. I’m heavy duty on flipping off light switches and turning off TV’s not in use. We ended up buying one of those infrared heaters to supplement our gas heat and so far this year, we can definitely tell a difference. Maybe not a huge difference but at least we’re more comfortable and we’re using less gas. Here, our gas is more expensive then electric so we’ve been keeping an eye on both the gas and electric bill to see how things are comparing.

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