Just Pay Shipping When You Order a Free Carseat Canopy

This free carseat canopy will shield little eyes from the sun.

carseat canopy


When you’re driving around in the car, the sun can reach little ones eyes.  Carseat Canopy is offering a free carseat canopy and all you have to pay is shipping.  This is such an awesome deal, so don’t miss out!  Visit Carseat Canopy today to order your free carseat canopy.… Read More

Free Audiobook And A Free Trial

Get a free audiobook and check out this great service!

free audiobook

Audible has been around for years, making books easier for people with great audio books!  You can listen to an audiobook in the car on a trip, or in your spare leisure time.  Sign up at Audible with their free trial and get your free audiobook today!… Read More

Trade Your Gently Used Kids Clothes Or Shop For Less

Shop for kids clothes or trade yours in.

kids clothes

Kids clothes at super low prices?  It’s definitely possible, and Kindermint has them!  People have been trading in their clothes and buying new ones for quite some time, and I’ve heard some great results!  Visit Kindermint today to see how you can save on kids clothes or trade in your own.… Read More

Order a Personalized Lunchbox or Book For The Kids

Personalized gifts make kids feel special!  Check out this selection!



The kids are heading back to school if they haven’t started already.  This is a great time to put them in the spotlight with a personalized gift!  I See Me has a fantastic selection of personalized lunchboxes and books with your child’s name on it!  With so many great designs and stories to choose from, there’s a great fit in there for your child.  Check out I See Me today to find a personalized gift for the little one in your life!… Read More

Play Free Or Cash Games Online And Have Some Fun

Playing games online is fun and passes the time!



It’s fun to play games when you’re waiting or someone at a store or the kids to get out of school!  GSN is the online game show network that lets you play great games for free or cash!  It’s absolutely free to sign up, too!  Check out GSN today to play games online for free or for cash!… Read More

Stylish Kids Outfits On Sale With This BOGO Deal!

Get the kids outfits and SAVE with this BOGO sale!


The kids are going back to school, and that means new clothes time!  Fabkids offers really cute outfits for the kids, and you can save!  When you buy one outfit, you’ll get the second one free PLUS get free shipping and free exchanges!  Visit Fabkids today to get in on this BOGO sale and dress those kids in style!

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Shop The Coolest Gifts For Couples!

If you know any couples, this is the store to shop for them!



I was so excited to find a store that actually had cool gifts for couples!  It’s called Boldloft, and they have everything from mugs to shirts and more for today’s couples.  With a great selection to choose from, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for!  Shop Boldloft to order your next couples gift.… Read More

Free Ebook Of Copy Cat Drink Recipes

Get this free ebook and sip a nice Summer drink or two.

free ebook

Summer isn’t over yet; so get in on some great drink recipes!  All Free Copy Cat Recipes is offering a free ebook of Copy Cat Summer Drink recipes that the top restaurants make.  Request your free ebook copy today and happy sipping!
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Get Free Ebooks In Any Genre On One Site!

Free ebooks are yours for the downloading here.

free ebooks

There are so many free ebook titles out there, and it’s nice to know that one place has a lot of them.  FreeEbooks.net is the place to be for free ebooks at your fingertips.  Just choose your titles and download away!  Visit FreeEbooks.net to get your fill of free ebooks.
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Save 50% Off Your First Workout Outfit

If you workout, save on clothing today!


If you workout, you know how quickly you can go through workout clothing.  Fabletics sells great high quality workout wear, and they always have sales going on!  New customers can save 50% off their first outfit AND get free shipping!  Visit Fabletics today to get your first workout outfit for half off and happy shopping!… Read More

Ladies, Get in on These Freebies, Coupons, And More!

These freebies, giveaways, and more are just for the ladies.

Ladies, it’s about time we treat ourselves.  Let’s get in on all of the great deals, freebies, giveaways, and more that we can; we deserve it!  Woman Freebies is a great site that houses everything just for women, and they have a free newsletter showcasing everything you can get in on.  Sign up for this free ladies only newsletter today and reap the rewards!… Read More

Meg’s Moxie Closing Soon! Please Read!

Meg’s Moxie will be closing soon.  Please read my message below.

Hi Everyone!  Life can throw changes in our way that can affect how we live and the choices we make.  For the past year, I have been faced with some changes in life that affected myself, my family, and even my health.  After a lot of thinking, I have decided to close the doors on Meg’s Moxie for good.  I have been the owner and producer of Meg’s Moxie for almost 3 years.  In that time, it has evolved from a frugal site to a lifestyle site.  I have helped so many people; through giveaways they were so grateful to win to the helpful tips that some of you have come back telling me have really helped.  In my life, however, it’s time to close this chapter and move on to other adventures.

Meg’s Moxie will be closing on Saturday, August 23rd in just one week from the day I write this post.  At that point, I will be saying my final goodbyes on social media as Meg’s Moxie and closing those accounts as well.  However, I welcome all of you to follow me on a few personal social media accounts if you would like to.  I am including those below:

Click here to follow me on Pinterest

Click here to follow me on Twitter

Click here to follow me on Instagram

I am Meganroyalty1 on all of these accounts.

Meg’s Moxie was a side project of mine that turned into a business.  I have been very proud of the work that I have put into this website.  It’s just time for this girl to move on and see what life brings next.  I want to thank you all for being Meg’s Moxie readers; for chatting with me, for … Read More

$5.00 BONUS When You Sign Up To Take Surveys For Cash

Take surveys for cash and grab this bonus!

take surveys for cash

Have you signed up with iPoll yet?  If you haven’t, you may be missing out on another opportunity to earn some extra pocket cash.  You can easily download the app to your phone and get going with the latest surveys to tell companies what you think of their products and services.  Get started with iPoll today and take surveys for cash PLUS grab that $5.00 bonus!… Read More

Request FREE Travel Guides Delivered To Your Door

These free travel guides will help you plan your next trip!

free travel guides

Going on another vacation soon?  If you want help figuring out where to go, Travel Guides Free can help!  They offer full color brochures to so many different destinations, and what to do and see in each one!  Request your free travel guides to get help planning your next vacation.
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Plan A Disney Cruise For You And The Kids With This FREE DVD

Take a Disney cruise with the kids!  Get the free DVD to help.



Want to get away and take the kids on a trip?  Why not check out a Disney Cruise?  If you’re not sure where to start or how to set up the travel plans, request this free DVD today.  Take the kids on a magical Disney cruise and have fun as a family!… Read More

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